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Our Philosophy, Process, Manifesto, Etc.

We have just one philosophy: do great design.

No secret formulas, no rambling manifesto, no patented process. Just great content.
You bring your industry expertise, we bring ours. Some blood, sweat, and tears later—BOOM! That's when the magic happens.

If you need formulas, here you go: Your Work + Our Ideas = One Great Outcome

Everything on which we work is custom, made-to-order, and scalable. Talk to us about how to get the custom design and content you need now within your budget through our licensing options.

For Agencies

We jump in where others fear to tread

Missing a piece in your team? We can help, onsite or offsite.

For Businesses & Direct Clients

You first

We're strategic collaborators, interpreters of your motives, your content and design partners. We bring our ideas to your ideas. Together, we "bring it" to your customers, your audience, your whatever.
If you need specifics on what we can do for you, here's a sampling of what we offer:

Don't worry if you don't see something you need on this list. Check with us anyway. You never know.
Also, we'd be happy to work with teams you already have in place or are seeking to build.

Meet Our People

People who like people are the best people

Elizabeth Maplesden, Creative Director/Owner

Elizabeth is a graphic designer and content creator. Her work has appeared in several industry publications, such as Graphis Poster and GDUSA. She founded EMdash Design shortly after graduating from Tyler School of Art of Temple University. While employed with Warkulwiz Design Associates, a prestigious graphic design studio in Philadelphia, she worked on a variety of projects, including a few print publications for Ivy League universities, and branding for companies both startup and long-established. Since then, she has brought her characteristically insightful solutions to many successful agencies and respected clients in culture, entertainment, and other fields. As the hands-on creative director of EMdash Design, she has also embarked on content creation projects, producing videos under the EMdash banner.